Concerned that something may go wrong with the plane?  Or that you might get into difficulties? Using these tips below, start discovering the freedom to fly whenever and where-ever you want.  Don’t ever again miss out on fantastic opportunities to enjoy flying to friends, family and exciting places overseas.

Putting these tips  into practice can mean you no longer need refuse business trips, important meetings… and those very important holidays.

  1. If you have health concerns, discuss them with your doctor before booking a flight.
  2. Visit an airport. Familiarise yourself with it. Watch the planes taking off and landing. Look around and notice how relaxed most people appear.
  3. If you have other related fears e.g. panic attacks or claustrophobia, take small steps, one at a time, to face your fears and build your confidence.
  4. Show yourself how safe it is. Find out more about how planes fly, and safety statistics.
  5. Mention you are anxious about flying, when booking, checking in and boarding.
  6. Pre-book your seat online.
  7. Arrive early: Check in leisurely and go straight through Departure formalities.
  8. Have a snack and a non-alcoholic drink once you are through security.
  9. On the plane, make sure you have something interesting to read – and perhaps something you’d enjoy listening to on headphones.
  10. Yawn and stretch. Move around when you’re allowed. Eat the meal, talk to others.
  11. Focus on what you will be doing when you arrive at your destination.
  12. Work through self-help materials. Seek professional help if that proves insufficient.
  13. Do it now! The longer you wait, the more you miss out, and the harder it gets.