BBC news recently ran a story reporting that the US has indicated the need for tightened security amid warnings of a “credible” terrorism threat, see here for more information.

UK airports have said they are running normally with few additional delays.

Number 10 said there was an “evolving threat” to the UK and other countries but added the advice that people should travel as usual.

For people nervous about the safety of flying, it is particularly scary to read the report that US officials believe Islamist terrorists are developing bombs that could evade routine checks.

However, it’s important to put this in the wider context of millions of people taking to the skies to enjoy holidays and business trips, and to see the probability of something awful happening to your own flight as a highly unlikely possibility.

How to deal with and put these scary thoughts into perspective is where a professional therapist can help. They may be able to help a person deal with those potentially overwhelming feelings, enabling the person to change their outlook, and re-label the feelings brought on by a rush of of adrenalin as excitement rather that as terror.

Feedback from people who have overcome their fear has emphasised the importance of their freedom to fly. It has meant for many that they can expand their professional and personal experiences, improving both their quality and enjoyment of life.

Once fear can be turned into excitement, it could open doors to other opportunities you had not thought possible.