Elaine Iljon Foreman BA (Hons), M.Sc., AFBPsS

Consultant Chartered ClinicalPsychologist

Success Stories

Personal Tributes from Flyers

“It has been quite a few years since doing my fear of flying course with you. I have flown to Scotland on my own had several Spanish holidays, been to America for my son’s wedding where I took a flight on a light aircraft and a helicopter and just before Christmas went to Adelaide, Sydney and Hong Kong. Met up with the brother I haven’t seen for 30 years, and had the most fabulous holiday. We are all too ready to complain, but I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life. I wish you well and hope that many other people through you have enjoyed the change of life I have.

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you we had been to South Africa 3 times, show’s you how relaxed I have become. Thank you.” Gemma

“There’s nothing I won’t go on or do now. It’s a different form of transport, but exactly the same situation and approach.” Henry

“I’ve completely turned every-thing around. Through conquering my fear of flying, I’ve conquered everything else that I feared. It’s just the
fact that you have to look at everything logically and I’m doing that in
my whole life now.” Mary

“Flying has changed my life and I can’t wait for my next holiday.” Sylvia

“The world is now my oyster… “ Gray

“Thanks for your help – still don’t think I would have got on plane without it.” Dean

“It has changed my life in so many ways. I was never a very confident person, but having actually done it and mastered it, I now feel that there are other things I could do. It’s given me more confidence in myself.” Emma

“I have completely turned everything around … through conquering my fear of flying I conquered everything else that I feared.” Robert 



An optional third stage of the Freedom to Fly™ programme is a “Graduate’s Celebration” weekend, for people who have overcome their fear of flying and now want to celebrate their newly won freedom

Reunions have been held in many exciting destinations including Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam and Rheims. The most recent was Dubrovnik in October 2014. Plans are currently underway for a reunion to be held in Madeira in October 2020.

Don’t wait any longer give yourself the opportunity of the FREEDOM TO FLY programme today!