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Fear of Flying Course Departures & Destinations

Course Departures and Destinations

Freedom to Fly™ courses are held at locations in London and West Sussex. All Explorer two session programmes include an international return flight.

Special arrangements may be made to provide courses for groups of one to four at other English-speaking locations.

Course enquiries are welcome from international airlines, organisations and company Human Resources and Occupational Health Departments.

Please contact us for details of forthcoming course dates and venues.

The Explorer Course Dates

The next Explorer Course dates are:

Sat 7 and 21 August 2022

Sat 11 and 25 September 2022

Sat 9 and 23 October 2022

Sat 6 and 20 November 2022


Please give Elaine a call on 01243 920161 or contact us for more information

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Studies indicate that treatments based on cognitive behavioural principles lead to the greatest long-term success. CBT incorporates the principle that people’s behaviour and emotions depend to a large degree on their perception of what they understand is happening – which may or may not accurately reflect reality.

What a person thinks and anticipates greatly affects their reaction to events and people. Cognitive behaviour therapy looks at the relationship between what people think, feel, say and do, and is used successfully to enable people to overcome many different types of anxiety problems. Having understood what one is thinking, and recognised the effect on feelings and behaviour, it can often be possible to train oneself in a different way.

This new behaviour can then lead to a potentially more satisfying way of life, and become part of the person’s normal pattern of existence.

Contact us for further details

Hints & Tips

  • Concerned that something may go wrong with the plane?
  • Using these tips, discover that freedom to fly whenever and where-ever you want.
  • Don’t ever again miss out on fantastic opportunities to enjoy flying to friends, family and exciting places overseas.
  • No longer need you refuse business trips and important meetings.
  • If you have health concerns, discuss them with your doctor before booking a flight.
  • Visit an airport. Familiarise yourself with it. Watch the planes taking off and landing. Look around and notice how relaxed most people appear.
  • If you have other related fears e.g. panic attacks or claustrophobia, take small steps, one at a time, to face your fears and build your confidence…
  • Show yourself how safe it is. Find out more about how planes fly, and safety statistics.
  • Mention you are anxious about flying, when booking, checking in and boarding.
  • Pre-book your seat online.
  • Arrive early: Check in leisurely and go straight through Departure formalities.
  • Have a snack and a non-alcoholic drink once you are through security.
  • On the plane, make sure you have something interesting to read – and perhaps listen to.
  • Yawn and stretch. Move around when you’re allowed. Eat the meal, talk to others.
  • Focus on what you will be doing when you arrive at your destination.
  • Work through self-help materials. Seek professional help if that proves insufficient.
  • Do it now! The longer you wait, the more you miss out, and the harder it gets.

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